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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love- It's Easier Said than Done

"Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love."-Jeremiah 31:3

It has been sung, " love is a many splendid thing." Oh and it is-- isn't it?! YES INDEED! The warm fuzzies, the lavish gifts, the great times together! The feeling that you are important to whomever and that there is NOTHING that will separate you. Oh but then something(s) happen --which if you know like I know--always expect the enemy to try destroy a good thing, a God thing, and a right thing. Do you remember how that felt when the person just stopped acknowledging you? Remember the pain??? Real love will make you cry saints, but God doesn't excuse us from doing right--even in our tears or fears.

Now, think about how the Father loves. He tells us clearly what He likes and doesn't like and yet we do what we want to, and if we are not careful we will ultimatley reject Him, walk away, and abandon Him. Next thing we know the devil has taken us captive! Question. Could we handle it if God treated us the way we treat one another? Could we handle His disappointment or anger in our lovelessness. I don't think so. So here is the challenge as you share Christ today, prepare to disciple that person in the ways of love. We are taught and trained well regarding sin and the devil when we first come to the LORD, but love God's way isn't always taught or displayed well in some places. If we are going to share Jesus we NEED to learn to love like He commands. Is it easy, not at all. My dad says, "that is what separates adults from children, adults DO hard things." My co-Pastor Nakia posted once, " Excuses are for the uncommitted." Will you commit to loving and forgiving like God does today and beyond?? Those that you lead to Christ and those around you will be thankful and blessed if you DO (-:

Let God Urge Men to Christ Through YOU! 2 Corinthians 5:20
Prayer for Everyone

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