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Friday, September 21, 2012

Search and Rescue

For the Son of Man has come to seek and save the lost. Luke 19:10

God's whole purpose for sending Jesus, and putting Him on the cross for our sins, and raising Him from the dead, was so Jesus could accomplish God's, "Search and Rescue Mission." Mankind has turned each one to his own ways not understanding the eternal consequences. No one on this planet enjoys living without a "good" parents' presence in their lives. No one enjoys suffering, and no one enjoys prolonged pain! Yet, before Christ, we lived like there was NO tomorrow, just today. Careless and wreckless in our sin, with no thought of the future or life after death. God in His goodness sent Jesus to rescue us from a Fatherless life on Earth, and eternally. Now, it is true, God created Hell for the devil and His angels, but those that reject God's salvation WILL go there too. Saints of God, every time we share Jesus-- we are attempting a "Search and Rescue Mission." Some will come with us, others will fight the Truth we represent, but it's ok. We just need to DO our part.

We love you and may you plant and reap a GREAT harvest this weekend!

with Evangelist Marva Johnson at
Prayer for Everyone

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