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Friday, February 1, 2013

Souls are the Goal!

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30
The New Year is off and running!!! Resolutions have been made, and gym memberships are high!LOL!! My encouragement today is simple, your plan for 2013 to win souls! So many times we start out doing really well with our goals, to reach people for Jesus- then we kind of get caught up with LIFE. Goals however are so important! Goals give you something to shoot for, and accomplish. Right now, I know a 20 year old young lady who has set a goal  to give out 50 tracts a day, and she does! Did you set any goals this year where Evangelism is concerned? Did you plan any outreaches in the summer for kids and our families in your neighborhood? Have you thought about what you will do to share Jesus this Halloween? What about missions? Have you asked God about giving to that great area of outreach? Maybe you have your plan ready and set to go,maybe you don't but be encouraged, there is still time!! Ask the LORD what He expects from you this year. Souls are the reason Jesus came into the earth and gave His life. Just that fact alone lets us know that people's life on Earth and the hereafter is important to God, and if its important to God it should be important to us too. Where would we be heading if someone had not shared Jesus with us???? Exactly! Pray, write it down, and get'er done! =)

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