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Monday, February 8, 2010

They Loved Not Their Lives to the Death

Hello there fellow workers of the King, I pray you have had a grand start to your week! Today I want to share something with you, I do not wish to scare you or discourage you from a lifestyle of evangelism but I want you to really stop and think about just how deep your commitment to God is. If nothing can separate us from God's love, what can separate us from doing His will? Let me share my story with you.

I told you all about my big lighted cross on the front of my house right ok. Well the other day I came home and there were 3 Muslim men sitting in front of my house in a cab/van. When I parked my car they all got out of the van and immediately got into another vehicle parked in front of the van. I politely asked them how they were doing they responded but only one older gentleman looked me in eye, the other two looked down at the ground. Then they drove off, the van going one way the car going another way.

As I went into my house thoughts started to rush through my mind. My husband came home minutes later and I told him what had happened. I told him maybe the cross outside had attracted their attention, I really don't know. At that point my husband told me that no matter what reasons they had for being parked in front of our house, the cross was staying on the house. What joy flooded my soul to hear him say that!!! My husband used to be a gang banger so sometimes he uses that vocab and this was one of those times, he then went on to say " We bang for Jesus no matter what the cost!!!"

No matter what the cost
...I have NEVER been worried about the cost before until I saw those guys in front of my house. I've been on the streets witnessing, in people's houses, at work, just about everywhere sharing Christ but it wasn't until last Friday that I actually came face to face with the fact, that we just might taste some adversity from this sect. So then my tracts arrived in the mail and one of them had to do with a someone trying to kill this Christian woman and running up on her angel!! I was like YES!!!! More than that tract though family of God- the Word of God is ringing loud in my spirit and I'm so encouraged!!! The extremely sweet and powerful Word of God says that They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony AND they loved not their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11
Brothers and sisters of the Lamb be encouraged today, God has us whether we live or die unto Him or for Him--He has us. We are not going to let the enemy run us off or paralyze us thereby keeping us from doing the will of God and neither should you. Make up in your mind today that no matter what the cost are going to do the will of God and share Christ however He tells too.

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful

Prayer for Everyone
Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters

We Thank You & We Love You
God Blesses You

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