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Friday, February 26, 2010

Give a Hand to the King

A little boy once stood outside the gates of Buckingham palace in London. He wanted to talk to the king but was sternly repulsed by the guard at the gate. The little boy rubbed a grimy hand to his cheek to wipe away a tear. Just then along came a well dressed man who asked the little fellow to explain his trouble. When the man heard the story from the little boy the man smiled and said, "Here, hold my hand sonny, I'll get you in. Just you never mind the soldiers." The little boy grabbed the mans hand and to his surprise saw the soldiers leap to attention and present arms as his new found friend approached. Past the guards, along carpeted halls, through wide flung doors and on through a glittering throng right up to the throne of the king. This little boy had taken the hand of the Prince of wales, the king's son! Through him the little boy had access to the king.

Praise God!!! That's exactly what has been done for us through Jesus...We have been given all access to the Father! Why? So that we can bring others into a saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!!!
As you and I interact with people today, this weekend, and this week... see yourself as the one taking that sinner to "The King" and the one going outside of the gates of the palace to seek others out as well!! That's why I love God so much! He didn't wait for me to come to Him like an earthly ruler does God sent His Son Jesus to come down here and seek you and I out!! How can we keep silent about a LOVE that is not stationary and doesn't demand that we come to Him first?! I know you can't, and neither can I!LOL!!!
Say this with me, I will with all that is in me and with all that I possess -will lovingly and gently take others by the hand and bring them to the King!!

God richly bless the works of your hands as you walk out The Great Commission!

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful

Prayer for Everyone
Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters

We Thank You & We Love You
God Blesses You

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