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Monday, February 21, 2011

CHRISTian Education

Psalm 51:13 (King James Version)
Then will I teach transgressors Thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.

Did you know saint of God that in addition to being an Ambassador, you are also a Teacher!
Me?! Yes YOU!!! Every CHRISTian has the responsibility of teaching rebels, backsliders, and sinners the ways of God. Why? So that they will forsake their ways for God's ways, and most importantly so they will be converted, by repenting and returning the One who fashioned them in His image. Now although your methods may vary, God expects you to stick to the Message. Some of you perhaps teach those you come across with Bible truths and pinciples from God's Word through posts on your Facebook, or Twitter. Some of you may be discipling people on your job, neighborhood, or family. It is important to pour out into others as the Spirit leads and directs because God doesn't want anyone to perish, either from lack of knowledge or sin. Make time and take time daily to study a particular subject in the Bible in addition, to memorizing and meditating on Scriptures about Salvation. You cannot teach anyone anything about GOD if you are not willing to study to find out about Him personally. As CHRISTians and Ministers we have nothing to say about anything unless we know deep down inside what GOD has already said about it first and we are living it.
BE PREPARED! What kind of an education do you think your child would get if his/her teacher never went to school and studied? What if they did go to school but they are undisciplined and don't know the subject or just have a light understanding of the subject? What if they didn't have anything prepared to teach your child daily? I think any good parent would want to their child to have the best teacher and education, if that was not possible they would have to find another teacher or school right?! Well God expects us to know about Him, Salvation, Life, Healing, Holines, etc... maybe that's why God is not using you the way you would like Him to because you are lazy, undisciplined, and unprepared. If that is you, YOU can change that today. Ask God first to help you study His Word, then get you some index cards and write down 1-3 Scriptures a week. Meditate on them daily and write them down and re-write them, then begin memorizing them. God is so awesome, He will see you studying, will help you, give you a deeper revelation about it and USE YOU! He NEEDS us to know Him intimately not just about Him. He doesn't want us regurgitating someone else's words or thoughts about life, issues, the after life, success, failures NO!! He doesn't even want us sharing what we think! He wants us to teach them HIS WAYS! Make a committemnt today to God that you will be a student of the Word, you will be diligent to become a habitation for His Word too and not just His Spirit. Watch and see how your relationship and understanding of Him will grow as well as a burning desire to share Him and His ways to others who are in away from Him, in either their thoughts or ways, especially where Salvation is concerned. I cheer you on today as you make the all important decision to be disciplined and deliberate to study and teach others. If we were in church I shout out to you either on the street,the job, the Mall, your house, or your school--- teach TEACHER!!! (-:

Let God Urge Men to Christ Through YOU! 2 Corinthians 5:20
Prayer for Everyone

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