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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing Christ In the Clouds

Happy Monday Everybody!!!
Well today I just want to share with you all a wonderful experience that I had while flying from Va to Fl a couple of weeks ago. I share this for no other reason than to show you again how easy it is to share Jesus Christ. We have been commanded to share the Gospel with every creature that we can Mark 16:15 and what better place to share Jesus than on an airplane while sitting next to someone who has no place no run or hide!LOL!!! I'm being funny, but seriously I know some of you will be traveling maybe for Resurrection weekend, for business or pleasure and here is an easy way to share our Savior.

For me I had my tracts in a zip lock bag for my 3 day stay in Florida and I was ready! As I boarded the plane I was praying to God for someone to be able to share Christ with, and much to my delight the plane was packed and there were just enough seats for everybody. God made a place for me next to a young man in his 20's I guessed. As the plane began to taxi down the runway I took out a tract and said to him, "here's something you might want to read." He didn't look up at me, but simply took the tract and much to my excitement he began to read it slowly and carefully. As he read I prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction. Prayer to God is always important and when it comes to sharing Christ we have to remember God has already set the meeting up! He also created the person that you will be ministering to and He knows what approach will be best received so always, always, pray and ask God for help.

As he was nearing the end of the tract I asked him if I could share my testimony with him once the plane was in the air, he said, yes and now I was literally on cloud 9, 10, and 11!! As he finished reading I turned to him and asked him could I share with him now he agreed. So there I began to share my love encounter with Christ with him. He listened intently, and fixed his gaze on me as I spoke. God was guiding me as I shared with him only what God wanted. I then went into my life as a present day believer. I shared with him the joys and challenges of being a CHRISTian, and how God helps me as I walk the "Narrow Path" filled with blessings, trials, triumphs. As I finished as quickly as possible which is always my goal because the WORD is going to do the work and people's attentions spans are short! With all the tweets and statuses'that give you but so many characters to say what you need to, we have to be wise to do the same when evangelizing. So after I shared my testimony with him I asked if he had ever accepted Christ before. He told he had but that he had problems responding correctly to the challenges of life and he resorted to escape them instead through drugs and alcohol. I talked with him for about 10 minutes sharing with him my victories and failures in Christ.Victories won when I do and respond to life His way and the failures when I did things my way. We continued to talk and I asked him if I could pray for him and he said, yes. I asked him his name and he told me so we held hands and there I prayed for my brother who had been scarred by poor choices and poor responses, but he wanted to do better and he wanted to know HOW to do just that! So we prayed and I gave him my churches website and my contact info and he asked if he could keep the tract, I told him of course and then he leaned back and enjoyed the sunset.
Saints of God do you see how easy this is?!?!? Do you see how just letting Christ's love and compassion just come through you will impact a person's life?!?!? I pray that you do and that you will take this encounter I've shared with you to heart. Wherever you go, have some tracts ready and your testimony on your lips at all times-- so God can compel the lost through you, no matter where you go (-:

Let God Urge Men to Christ Through YOU! 2 Corinthians 5:20
Prayer for Everyone

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