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Friday, December 14, 2012

CHRISTmas Prayer for YOU

Heavenly Father, we pray that as we near the appointed day, December 25th in which we celebrate Your Son's birth, that You would bless us with a stronger sense of Your presence. We pray for all those who will be traveling, that they would make it safely. We pray that even today, You would touch church family, friends, and neighbors to reach out to those-- who do not have anyone to spend this special day with. More than anything Father, we pray that Your love in us, will not only abound in us, but also attract the lost, the hurting, and the broken. May Your love in us manifest so strongly, that they will healed and transformed. We pray that all souls will rejoice in Your love gift today.  We pray that people will spend money within their means, and not feel any guilty if they cannot buy for everyone. We pray your peace over everyone that is reading this right now, and ask YOU to touch them where they need to be touched. We pray for our Pastors, President, and Leadership  asking you to protect, prosper, and empower them to Your glory. Finally Father, we thank You for sending Your precious Son to the Earth. Truly, Jesus is the greatest gift ever given. Amen.

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