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Friday, January 15, 2010

Evangelism Tip for The Radical

Greetings again, in the only name given under Heaven whereby men can be saved--JESUS!!! Hello everybody I hope that you had a wonderful week taking advantage of all of your Lifestyle Evangelism opportunities! This weeks tip is a radical one! You've heard the saying desperate people do desperate things..well RADICAL people DO RADICAL things! Hallelujah!!!!

Ok so for CHRISTmas we hung a huge garland cross outside, put some lights on it and let it do it's thing! After the New Year I asked my husband if we could keep the cross up all year long, he said yes and my heart jumped for joy!!!

So today one of my neighbors stops my husband and tells him that last night he came and stood in front of our house and just stared at the Cross.. a symbol of both God's extreme love and His extreme sacrifice! WOW~ You never how a God- idea will affect somebody! This simple garland cross hanging on the front of our house had him mesmerized to the glory of God.

I want to encourage you, I want to CHEER you on in 2010, and give you the go ahead to be RADICAL for GOD this year!!! Let Him use you, your house, your money, your time, in ways that you may have been reluctant to in the past. Time is winding up folks....these may or may not be "the last days" honestly I'm not concerned with that thought. One thing I do know that these are "MY LAST DAYS" and I want every one of them to count for Christ and my fellow man.

Have an outstanding weekend everybody and let your light shine, shine, shine for Jesus!!

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful

Prayer for Everyone
Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters

We Thank You & We Love You
God Blesses You

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