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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tract Tip While You Shop

Ok so we all have to eat right? So when you go to Walmart, or wherever you go why not give the cashier a tract and a church card or bulletin. Don't know what to say, one thing I say to the cashier is, "This is for you, if you can use it great if not please pass it on." It's just that simple.

Another thing I do is place tracts and/or church invite cards in between the merchandise, I'm going to hit the beer aisle this week!LOL!! Also while you are at the store why not take a trip to the restroom just to place a tract there! Just one more Lifestyle Evangelism tip... K. I. S. S. Keep It Simple Saints (-:

Be prepared ~ Be yourself ~ Be obedient ~ Be joyful


Prayer for Everyone

We Appreciate Your Visit Today
Please Come Again Soon!

1 comment:

Lady Bee ♥ said...

Glory to the Most High God!!! This is awesome and you are a blessing, Thanks Marva

Love & Hugs