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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hook Up with Your Pastors Vision and Make It Happen!

I was at church one Wednesday night last year and of the things that has been studied by different agency's is why more people don't come to church. There were many reasons given, but one of the main ones was the simple fact that no one had invited this particular survey taker.
WOW!! That was confirmation to me because people LOVE to be invited to events. They LOVE to be invited to cookouts and Men/Women fellowships and man if there is food there you KNOW it is on!!!LOL!

Today our Pastor presented all of us with an opportunity to spread love, the Word, and church invite cards. We started at 11 and some of us went up to 4pm getting the word out about our church. We went all over the place from downtown to uptown. My Pastor was out there with all of us and although we were spread all over the city God was with us wherever we went. We gave out 100's of cards today, talked to people about Christ, and shared the love we have for our Pastors and church.

If you aren't excited about Jesus ...Houston there is a problem!!! If you are not excited about where you fellowship umm...there is a problem and it may have nothing to do with who's in charge, as much as it has to do with our hearts. That's another subject altogether, but I want to encourage you get behind your Pastors and church. Whatever they are offering to do to help inform or bless other people GET IN ON IT! We have a motto at our church, "Members Make It Happen!!" That's you and me saints, we are God's hands and feet... do your part and really hook up with your Pastors --they cannot, I repeat they cannot do it alone! (-:

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful

Prayer for Everyone


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