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Monday, June 21, 2010

Forgiven for Loves Sake

Greetings Saints of the Most High God. Glory to Him that has Saved us from eternal damnation and has seated us in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus! That's why I love God so much!!! He is perfect in all His ways and He is long-suffering. He doesn't want any to perish, and I'm so thankful how about you?!

As I read Isaiah 43:25 today I couldn't help but think about how our culture has an "entitlement attitude." People tend to think sometimes that by getting Saved they are getting what they deserve because they followed a set of rules from birth or they are just so good and kind. Or they think that they are doing God a favor by joining His crew because in their mind they are all that. Ummmmmm NO!
In this passage of Isaiah God Himself makes it known why He forgives. Look what He says,
"I even I-am He that blots out your transgressions for MINE own sake and will not remember thy sins.
God has put this whole game plan together not for us, but for Him.

We could go into a guessing frenzy as to why He would forgive and erase our mistakes, and create one of the most amazing miracles never ever to be duplicated by man..Salvation. As for me I will just say what The Bible records that God sooo loved us. John 3:16
Love will cause you to put up with a person because you value them and you want better for them. God is sovereign and nobody knows how much time any person has on this earth so as a Believer, A Disciple of Christ, an Ambassador tell the world that God forgives because He wants to, because He loves them, and He would prefer blessing them with the benefits of abundant life and eternal Salvation over a desolate life and eternal condemnation later.

We are God's Kingdom Expansion Team!!!


Prayer for Everyone

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