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Monday, June 28, 2010

Jesus Loves and Calls the Little Children (-:

There are many great milestones in life. The day our children say their first word...preferably MaMa!LOL!! The day they learn to walk and their first day of school. For me all those days were wonderful but when my kids accepted Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit was the beginning of an adventure with God that we shall never forget. He showed Himself to our children in many wonderful ways, and we watched as He used my children to tell others about Christ and lead others to Christ.

Just last week we had a graduation party for our daughter. We had stars hanging from the ceiling, balloons and streamers, food, music and pictures of her on the big screen that scrolled through her first days on the earth til now. One by one speakers came forth and spoke words of life and encouragement to Marvalous. After the party I gave my testimony and shared the Gospel of Christ. Afterward God began to move, and we watched our now 18yr begin to minister to one of her friends, it made our soul LEAP!!!

Then in the following week as we watched the Laker game, my son came and shared with me how he lead another person to the LORD. I had seen and heard him reading the Bible to this friend on the phone earlier, and I left him to be about his Father's business. I rejoiced with my son as we both realized

My children have won many awards in their short little lives and accomplished many things that will help them be successful citizens of these United States of America and we are proud of their hard work. In the grand scheme of things though their greatest works to me have been those works that that have touched the hearts of men for all of eternity. Watching our kids yield to God's call on their lives and watching Him work through them, continue to be a joy like no other.

Teach your kids to be "Fishers of Men" and then step back and watch God. He doesn't call the qualified...He qualifies the Called. (-:

We are God's Kingdom Expansion Team!!!
Prayer for Everyone

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