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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work Place Evangelism Pt 3

Wasn't that wonderful! Pastor Greg said to always BE READY and look for OPPORTUNITIES. We have been talking about witnessing in the work place and how to represent Christ and His kingdom the last couple of weeks. Today I want to stay with that but focus on us being ourselves and looking for opportunities. Be yourself! Do you! Talk normal! Act normal! Give! Help! Relax!
Remember the POWER to save souls comes from God! We are just the VESSELS God uses so somebody will HEAR about Jesus and get saved. Truly he who wins souls is wise and it's the Word of God and the Spirit of God that actually does the SAVING, while we do the gentle PERSUADING. If we rest in those facts, lifestyle evangelism will be much more natural to us to incorporate into our daily lives.
Being you and talking normal! Now when we are engaged in just regular old conversation with people we don't have to feel compelled to start quoting Scriptures as we interact. Now if God is telling us to or that's just your flow..flow with it! But don't get yourself under condemnation trying to be somebody you are not. I'm just saying you can communicate God's Word and Kingdom principles with your own vocabulary and personality. Please don't go around speaking to folk using a bunch of Thee's and Thou's! You are not, I repeat you are NOT King James nor are you living in that era!LOL!! We have to be relevant to the times and aware of the culture that we are in. We don't want to appear to be strange, although God knows we are a peculiar people! Let them discover that once they get Saved! (-:

Ok, so let's talk opportunities. The best thing we can do is to always be sensetive to God's Spirit and look for ways to bless someone. I mean be a "Need Meeter." Look for ways you can genuinely help people. Be a giver. Be ready with a Word from God! Pay for someone's lunch and when they say thank you tell them it was God that blessed you, so you could bless them. You can actually do that anywhere. Hmmm I just thought about doing that at a restaurant! Praise God! How do we find those opportunities? One way is to watch and listen. Meaning keep your ear to the ground. You may hear about a co worker who is in some kind of financial situation and you may be able to help them. DO it just to just be a blessing. When I was in the marketplace, I was open to giving female co workers rides home. While we were riding, I shared my personal encounter with God with them and my music was working it too. Other times I'd share Cd's and Dvd's with co workers who heard me talk about how good a sermon was to another believer. I'd give money in the name of the LORD to someone in need and they were like blown away. Did I do these things to bring glory to myself! NO WAY!!! I did these things because I have a heart for people, it's in His Word, and I want God glorified. Galatians 6:10 says
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. See there we have it, do good unto all men. So look for opportunities daily where you can be a blessing. People will give our Father in Heaven the glory and He can then use that to give us access, so we can share Jesus with those in our workplace, and our world. My thing is whether people accept Christ or not we should always help them if we can.
Have a great week ahead and as always, Be prepared..Be yourself...and Be led.

Just a kind reminder, please feel free to submit your prayer requests for today.

An the lord said unto the servant,
Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel
them to come in, that my house may be filled.

Luke 14:23

We Are Passionate Sisters in Christ


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Anonymous said...

Marva all so true!!! I was in the Walmart just the other day and a Sister in Christ said to another lady at another register, I just purchased this for your little boy because you said you couldn't get it for him right now. So the lady thanked her dearly and she told the lady that it's a gift from God. This lady was so happy to hear that a "GREAT BIG SMILE" came upon her fast and she was so excited that her child had what he wanted and what she could not afford to buy him right now. God is so good and awesome. He used this lady to purchase the item the child had asked for when the mom was just spending the little bit she had on food. This truly relates to paying attention to what's going on around you so that maybe you can be a blessing to someone else for God's glory.

Great work for the LORD, Evangelist Marva Johnson