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Monday, December 14, 2009

Evangelizing With Tracts

So you were at church Sunday and you were singing Yes...Yes...Yes... to the LORD's call for you to walk more fully in your calling to help reconcile the world back to God. Notice I didn't say Evangelist (-: We all have the ministry of reconciliation...are you a Christian? Great, than you are a Minister of Reconciliation.2 Corinthians 5:18-20
So Monday came and you felt that fire to tell somebody about Jesus but you kind of froze, that's ok and it's perfectly normal. Everybody doesn't start out diving in head first..some of us want to get in the water a little at a time and that's progress just the same!! So today I want us to explore the great ministry of tracts or "Pocket Preachers" as I refer to them.
Below are just some suggestions of where you and I can place tracts. Remember tracts are a great start but eventually your goal is to be able to share Christ in YOUR own words,with YOUR own testimony to His LORDSHIP. So with that being said let's see how we can let these Pocket Preachers do the first anyways (-:

* On Park Benches
* Letters and bills
* In Christmas Cards, Easter Cards etc
* Gas stations
* Restaurants (you could leave a tract with the bill and tip)A Favorite!
* Car windows
* Beer and soda cases (simply slide a smaller tract into the slit)
* Newspaper and magazine racks
* Fast food Drive Thru windows (hand one out when you pay)
* ATM machines
* Goody bags
* At Public Events
* Public Restrooms
* Amusement Parks
* Bank Deposit Container
* Attach a Few to Your Mailbox

Do you see the possibilities?!!! Tracts ROCK!!! Now once you are ready to hand them out to people do it as much as possible! This is one of the ways I give out tracts to people I say,"Can I bless you with this, if you don't need it will you pass it on for me?" I don't always know when somebody is Saved so that way we can ask them to pass it on if they are. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is definitely a blessing. I believe in what I'm promoting strongly and it comes through as you begin to pass these out. I always say Be Prepared, Be Yourself, and Be Obedient but I want to add one more Be Joyful. Nothing affects people more while doing any type of ministry, like the joy of the LORD.

Have a great week ahead and take full advantage of the warmness of this season to get your ministry of reconciliation ON! (-:

Prayer for Everyone
Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters

We Thank You & We Love You
God Blesses You


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