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Friday, April 22, 2011

Never Cease to Share the King or the Kingdom

Acts 5:42 (Amplified Bible)
42Yet [in spite of the threats] they never ceased for a single day, both in the temple area and at home, to teach and to proclaim the good news (Gospel) of Jesus [as] the Christ (the Messiah).

One thing that marks the saints of old and new is their "in spite of spirit."
No matter what comes, no matter how hard life hits them in the face, no matter what people do or say to them or try to do to them they never cease to say ALL things work together for my good, they never cease to praise God, and they NEVER cease to proclaim the Good News no matter what the costs. This kind of endurance I believe comes from our relationship with God and our indwelling of God. God is not a quitter ad because He isn't we don't have to be either WHEN we yield completely to Him. Jesus always had people both loving Him and hating Him at the same time. That is part of this Christian walk isn't it?! Yes it most certainly is. Those that embrace the Good News love those sent to share it, those that embrace the darkness hate those that bring the Good News because their wickedness is shown to be what it is...yet we love them in spite of their hatred toward us and we keep on proclaiming Christ regardless of their threats.
THAT IS OUR SAVIOR and these are what we are to DO as saints...keep proclaiming the King and His Kingdom no matter what. Take up your cross daily and follow Me says Jesus. This resurrection Sunday remember, not only what Jesus did but remember also we expects from you too (-:

Let God Urge Men to Christ Through YOU! 2 Corinthians 5:20


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