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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have You Blessed Your Neighbor Today?

So today I want to encourage you towards your neighbors, they're close and you don't have to go far right?! Oh my! I hear some of you saying right now, You don't know my neighbors, they are an unsavory bunch of folk! They don't speak to me when I speak to them, or maybe they've offended you in some way and now you just don't want to be bothered. Can I get REAL? Some of our neighbors are in sin and they are separated from God, the same God that we so lavishly love, and pour out our praises on. Don't we want our neighbors to experience God too as well as, our family, and our co-workers? GOD DOES! (-: Be "Soul friendly" and don't "Go plastic" on God! Sometimes we can turn into what I call "Bubble Christians" we get Saved and instead of developing an outward mentality of purpose we go inward. Kind of like we get scared or worse we get puffed up in the process of being cleaned up, and think that we've arrived and it's now about my 4 and no more! God didn't Save us from the World. He Saved us from sin and it's penalty, death and separation from God. As Christians we are to go back into the world and help God pull them out the same as He pulled us out, BY TELLING SOMEONE ABOUT JESUS, it's the same way the Apostles and the church have been doing it, and it works!

Ok, so let me share with you some ways to reach out! This first tip is a biggie, especially if you are an introvert. It may take some prayer to get your courage up but you can do it...
Say HELLO, I'am so and so...and I just wanted to introduce myself, and if you need anything let me know. Isn't that neighborly?! That's how we do it, then we purposely look for ways to be a blessing. Whenever something happens on our block to a neighbor they immediately come and get my husband. So someone told my husband about a family that was in a desperate situation. Like Kristie said earlier today in her blog about children helping out.. the devil will tell you all kinds of junk to keep you from helping somebody out! Stupid stuff like they really don't need the help, they're trying to play you etc..the greatest thing I ever heard in that area was by Bishop Coutney McBath. He said," I'd rather help someone and be played than to miss out helping someone who really had a need because I was scared to get played." I LOVE THAT! So Reg went and talked to the husband and we started making phone calls, soon others wanted to get in on helping this family too. We ended up having enough resources to help them for a whole month and so you know what else, the help lead to influence and the influence lead to trust. That trust gave us favor for their future because we were both able to share Christ and His love with them over and over again. The fruit? The wife ended up giving her life to Christ and prayerfully the husband will follow. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

Proverbs 3:28 says
Do not say to your neighbor, "Come back later; I'll give it tomorrow"— when you now have it with you. What do you have to give? JESUS!!! We as Christians have a love relationship with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE...Materially maybe you are strapped financially, or have just enough for your family, maybe you have a lot and can buy them a gas card, or some toys for their kids. Recently we have had to buy a brand new sink and vanity because our old one broke and taxes are due for the house in Dec. What could we do today to bless our neighbors? We have an extra box of Tide today that we can give. Share Jesus and some kindness with your neighbors and watch what God does with it. (-:

Pray about it!!!

Luke 14:23
An the lord said unto the servant,
Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel
them to come in, that my house may be filled.


We Are Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters in Christ

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