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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sharing Jesus...A Child Can Do It!!!

My son accepted Christ early on in life as did my daughter. They both have their own unique ways of sharing Christ. My daughter at 2 ( she's now 17) would ask for me to get the waitress to come over to our table, at EVERY restaurant that we went to. WHY you may ask? So she could ask them one simple question...DO YOU LOVE JESUS??? Or sometime she would say DO YOU KNOW JESUS???
I've seen waitresses turn every shade of red!LOL! I remember my daughter ministering at the Post Office too @ 4yrs old, it was something to behold! I've heard her on the phone telling her friends that she will pray for them, and I just rejoice that @ 17 she's still excited about God.

So at 8 yrs old my son started awakening to the LORD and His call. School had just started back and I put a little pocket Bible in his backpack with some tracts. I'd go pick him up after work and the day care workers would refer to him as "Preacha man" I thought that was so cute not realizing fully what the LORD was doing in him and through him. So after school one day my son tells me that he lead one of his classmates to the LORD. I was so excited!! I asked him what he said and what they prayed and on and on!LOL He told me that she came to his Bible study that he had some mornings at school, ahhh that's why they called him Preacha it! After ward he gave the little girl a Bible and that's when it got interesting. The Dad came into school in a very threatening manner asking who was the little boy that gave his daughter the Bible. We were upset to say the least and my son was scared. He said he didn't want to say anything about Jesus anymore. We told him no, no, that's what the devil would love. He was still shook days after the incident. We prayed with him, over him, and we gave him Scriptures to help him get through. It seemed like no matter what we did we couldn't console him. BUT GOD!!!

One morning I came to wake him up and he awoke just beaming! He said God gave him the most wonderful dream. In it we all had gone to Heaven. He said me and my daughter had gotten there first and he and dad came later. He said that as he and dad walked through the gates of Heaven a big angel came to them and showed them a a huge curtain. The angel said to my son behind this curtain are all your rewards!!! Then he woke up. God did what we couldn't and I'm thankful for Him ministering to my son..His son in that manner. He has lead 3 other children to the LORD since then and he even wrote a note for one of the kids to give to a parent. On the note my son wrote about what Jesus did and how to get Saved. Well about a month ago my son comes home and tells me that the last little boy that he lead to the LORD gave his mom the note, she read it and accepted Christ!!! Hallelujah!!!
He also gave the children Bibles and not one parent came looking for him...(-:
No matter what the response is to our attempts to share Christ and bring in the harvest we must NEVER give up because if a 2yr old and an 8yr old can do it what about us!!!

Have a great week ahead and sow, water, and be open for God to use you to possibly bring in the harvest to!!!! Remember, Be prepared..Be yourself.. and Be obedient! (-:

Pray about it!!!

Luke 14:23
An the lord said unto the servant,
Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel
them to come in, that my house may be filled.


We Are Humbled Brothers & Passionate Sisters in Christ

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Lady Bee ♥ said...

What a wonderful testimony!!! God has blessed your family real good...