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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Call Them to The Wedding of the King Pt 2

Praise God it's a new week! I'm so excited about all the marvelous opportunities that God has already prepared for us this week to be able to share His Son! How about you?! (-:

Last week I talked a little bit about Matthew 22:1-14. I explained why it is so important to share Christ and verse 7 is my main focus.
Matthew 22:7, But when the king heard about it, he was furious. He sent out his armies, destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city. Think about how you would react if you gave your only precious son to die in the place of sinners and then they mistreat and kill not only him, but some of your servants too! When you come to confront those people you are not coming for conversation, you are coming for blood.

I miss the Evangelists that used to travel throughout the US on a regular basis. People like Dwight Thompson, R.W. Schambach, and Billy Graham.
These men preached with the fire of God in their bellies!!! They lovingly and powerfully preached the reality of God's love and the sureness of an eternity being spent in either Heaven or Hell. There's was not only a message of the mighty love of God, but a messy blood stained cross and the reality of eternal judgment. Guess what, Jesus mentioned Hell too! He spoke of the worms, darkness, gnashing of teeth and so on. He made it very clear what was to come on the unrepentant.

Understand dear ones it's not about making people feel bad or scared, it's about helping them make an informed decision one way or the other based on God's Word.
As Ambassadors we have been given the authority to proclaim the King and His Kingdom. We have been given the honor to tell of His sacrifice and the splendor and power of His Kingdom, as well as warning the unrepentant of the sheer horror and torment that will consume those who reject Christ...that's real love right there. Call them to come! (-:

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful
Prayer for Everyone BLESS YOU

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