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Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Time, Soul Time

What a wonderful week this has been! I just thank God for all the people we were all able to influence for Jesus Christ!!!

Summer is approaching WOOOOO HOOOOOO!! I'm excited how about you! There will be many people out and about at the pools, rec centers, beaches, amusement parks etc....
Have you made any plans or set any goals to use this harvest rich time for the sharing of the Gospel?!?! Well if not, NOW is the time (-: There are many ways to share the Gospel especially in the summer because no more coats. That means your Christian T-Shirt can be seen and read easily! Wear it while you and your family are out at amusement parks, doing chores outside, or grocery shopping. Gospel T-shirts are a great way to say a lot without saying a word.

Now don't just stop there, get you some tracts too! I know everybody is not comfortable sharing their faith, so these two methods will help you to become bolder and more confident. Can I share something with you that will kick fear right out the door! I will say 99% of the people that I talk to about the Gospel are nice people, they are not rude or anything.If you come to them in a respectful way they will respond respectfully.

Remember the harvest IS plentiful, but the laborers are few. Will you be among the few this summer? Have a great weekend and start planning for the summer, it's gonna be a GREAT one for the Kingdom of God!!

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful


Prayer for Everyone BLESS YOU