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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nobody Loves Humanity More Than God

Greetings Ambassadors of the Most High God!!! I hope you had an awesome weekend, I surely did. (-:

Today I want to share an experience that I had this past Saturday. I had the honor of talking to a young man that had recently started to go back to church. He's learning about God, diligently seeking to know about God and the devil being the devil doesn't like to lose so..this young man had encountered this muslim gentlemen then came to me with all kinds of questions.

After we reasoned together through some things, the young man said he believed in Jesus but couldn't understand why all the people that were trying to find God were not going to Heaven unless they came through Christ. My answer to him was simple John 14:6. Jesus said I'AM the way, the truth, and the life no man comes to the Father except through me.
He then told me how much he loved humanity and doesn't want anyone to go to Hell. He couldn't reconcile it in his mind that God would allow people to suffer eternally, for trying to come to Him another way. So I told him simply that God has already set the rules of engagement in motion, and it is truly "God's way or the Hellway."
I reminded him of the father's wrath in the movie 300 after he saw his son being murdered. That father was M A D!!! I told him that God gave His Son for us, watched His baby boy be mocked, beaten unrecognizable, spit upon, shamed and nailed to a cross in our place. Then God the Father watches people daily reject Jesus as He woos them. I then asked him how would you deal with them later as they stand in your presence unrepentant???
He sat there quiet for a moment. I told him Mohamed was not God's Son, he was not the Savior, and that his body was still in the grave. He finally got it and thanked me.

Truly we have to be ready at all times because we never know when God needs us to speak the truth on His behalf and help people see beyond their own ideas of justice. NOBODY loves humanity more than God, that's why He sent us Jesus. Are you ready to be used by God?(-:

Be prepared, Be yourself, Be obedient and Be joyful
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